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September 22, 2012
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         Matthew watched as (Name) walked into her school. She was one of the biggest "Losers" in school. In truth she was sweet, and alone. People made fun of her a lot, even Matthew's brother Alfred. Matthew had every single class with her and would always stare at her through his sunglasses. From what Matthew knew, she had only one close friend named (Best Friend's Name). Other then that she was all alone. Strangely to Matthew, (Name) always seemed to be able to smile even though her life was sad. Matthew sighed and grabbed his backpack before following her to her locker. Matthew began grabbing his books as (Name) did the same. As Matthew reached for his history book it fell out of his locker. (Name) bent down and picked it up, handing it to him. "Here's your book Matthew..." (Name) said handing him the book. Matthew just nodded and headed to class with (Name). The first class of the day was science.

       Matthew sat down and a little bit later the bell rang. The teacher soon came in with an annoyed look on her face. She could be a real bitch sometimes. "Okay class, Today we're going to work in partners." She started out hearing the class cheer a bit. "But," She continued, "I get to choose your partner. The class let out an annoyed groan. The teacher called off different names and began assigning groups. When she got to the bottom of the list she announced, "And the last group is (First and Last Name) and Matthew Williams..." She finished. Everyone in the class stared at (Name) and Matthew in shock and sympathy. (Name) moved her chair over to Matthew and started getting out some paper...

                                *LE TIME SKIP*  

         Matthew was walking home with (Name) still amazed. He had gotten paired up with the girl he had a huge crush on. The strangest thing for him was the fact that (Name) didn't seem afraid. She had treated Matthew completely normal and not like a physio murderer. Soon they arrived at (Name)'s house and she unlocked the door. (Name) also laid out some snacks and drinks in the kitchen. She was so polite, so sweet, soon she would know how he felt about her...

                                     *YOUR P.O.V.*    

        You and Matthew sat at the kitchen table discussing topics for science. In truth you never saw Matthew as a bad person. You just thought that he had a hard time expressing his feelings. To your surprise Matthew listened and nodded. In the end, you and him decided to do a project that involved plants with different temperatures and lightings. "Now, I know it sounds really boring but it would be the easiest to do and I could just take care of the plants. I mean, my mom does own a green house..." You explained.

       "You don't have to do all the work... I want to help out..." Matthew explained as he ate another (Snack of choice).

      "Oh, Okay... You can help me if ya want. I just thought you'd rather be playing Hockey or Ya know something less boring..." You blushed a bit confused at his request. "Well then!" You smiled changing the subject, "Let's check out some of the plants shall we?" You giggled and pushed your chair away.

        You grabbed Matthew's large, warm hand leading his to your backyard. You were so focused on going to the Green House you didn't notice Matthew's blush. Soon you opened the door and showed him the different plants and seeds. In the end you decided to plant Maple trees. You grabbed some pots and soil while Matthew grabbed the seeds. You both carefully planted the seeds and labeled the containers. You recorded the data, while Matthew placed the plants in different places. After you hard work you and Matthew sat down and drank some (Drink of Choice). "Matt, Thank you so much for helping me... It really means a lot that your not making me do EVERYTHING." You smiled.

      "It's nothing... Really... I would've taken some of the plants to my place but, knowing my brother Alfred... They wouldn't be safe..." He looked away blushing.

      You patted his shoulder and sighed, "Yeah, No offense but your brother is REALLY a jerk! I swear, he gets so cocky sometimes I just wanna punch him upside the head. I mean really, How can you live him and NOT kill him?" You laughed. "I feel so sorry that you have to live with him..." You finished giving him a look of sympathy.

      Matthew blushed, she was so sweet! She had sympathy for him! HIM, of all people! They next thing Matthew did surprised even you. Matthew leaned very close to your face before pressing his lips gently against yours. At first you stood there frozen in shock but then kissed back. After a few minutes you pulled away for air. "(Name), if you're not to busy... Would you like to go out with me...? Ya know, be my Girlfriend...?" Matthew asked looking away, a huge blush spreading across his face.

       You were blushing as well, "Yes, of course Matt! I'd love that!" You replied, before jumping into your arms and kissing him once more. And that was that... You and Matthew became Boyfriend and Girlfriend... As for that project, you both got an A+ of it....

                                         *THE END*
YES! I know! IT'S FLUFFY AND CORNY! Please Enjoy... :iconrussiaemocornerplz:

Also... Um... If you have points to spare... Would you donate... So... I can get a... premium memebership.... Um... Please and thank you... :iconanimesweatdropplz: You don't have to though... *Blushing and embarrassed*
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