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October 6, 2012
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        A kitten with (Fur Color) fur lay inside a soaked cardboard box. She had no name and was weak. She was the runt of the litter. Sadly for her, that meant her mother would reject her. She had barely eaten and her ribs were showing. Sick, left alone, unable to move, she lay there. She mewed weakly as the harsh snow picked up. Icy wind feeling like cold needles against her filthy fur. Her own fur, cover in oil and other dirt and grime. She lay there mewing for help, hoping that someone would find her.

      Russicat padded through the snow through town. He watched as the snow fell from the sky. Wind blew causing it to feel colder. Russicat was walking down the ally way when he heard a faint mew. Russicat went over to the wet cardboard box to find small kitten. It looked no more then a few days old. Russicat stared at the small filthy kitten. He noticed that the kitten was extremely thin, in fact too thin. Russicat felt sad looking at the poor kitten and picked it up. Russicat grabbed it by the back of the neck, heading home...

                   *HOLY CRAP! IT'S BELARUS CAT! LE TIME SKIP!*

       Russicat cat walked past the working Baltics and headed upstairs. Russicat opened the door to his master's office and jumped on his desk. Ivan looked at his cat in surprise before Russicat put the kitten down. Ivan stared at the kitten before picking it up gently. "What have you found this time Russicat?" Ivan stroked the small kitten gently watching as it mewed weakly. "Poor little thing, It needs a bath, da?" Ivan said before heading into the bathroom. Russicat never liked water but stayed to watch the kitten get a bath. Ivan rubbed some soap on the kitten's fur gently scrubbing. It took about 7 baths to get the kitten's fur completely clean...

                                 *YOUR P.O.V.*  

        You mewed hating the wet feeling, but loving the warmth of the water. You had no idea where you were or who had brought you there. Soon you felt a dry piece of fabric rubbing your fur. This process was repeated a few times and you hated it. Soon enough your fur began to dry and you felt warm. You were laid down on something soft and plush. Your eyes were still closed and you had no idea where anything was. You felt a cat lick your fur and cuddle you. You rested and relaxed a little bit...

         Ivan told the Baltics to boil some milk and get a dropper. When the milk was warm enough Ivan filled the dropper and began feeding the kitten. The kitten drank the milk quickly, showing signs that it must've been starving. After the kitten was done Ivan checked it's gender. "It's a girl." Ivan smiled, "I think I'll call her, (Name)." The he laid the kitten down on a pillow. Soon enough the kitten fell asleep, Russicat snuggling next to her. The 2 cats both fell into a deep sleep.

                        *CUTE KITTY TIME SKIP: A WEEK LATER*

                                    *YOUR P.O.V.*

       For the 1st time you were able to open your (Eye Color Of Choice) eyes. You crawled around, exploring your new surroundings. You managed to crawl your may to the kitchen, finding a warm bowl of milk. You drank the milk quickly, before becoming full. Before you could move you felt yourself being picked up by Russicat. You whimpered and whined, "Put me down! I can walk on my own!" You whine as he carries you upstairs.

      "No my little sunflower, it's too dangerous for you to explore the house." He replied after getting to the top of the stairs and putting you down.

     "Daddy...?" You asked as you walked to Ivan's office.

     "Yes Sunflower?" He replied.

     "Why did my mommy, ya know...Leave me...?" You questioned, staring at the floor.

     "I don't know my sunflower... I just don't know..." He answered. Russicat knew the reason why, but didn't want to tell you. You had been the runt of the little, and the mother had left you. When you got to Ivan desk he stroke your fur picking you up. You loved your daddy and your master. They had always been so kind to you. Not to mention the Baltics always gave you good food. "Don't worry sunflower, I will always take care of you..." Russicat whispered before he started cleaning your fur...

                         *LE TIME SKIP: A FEW MONTHS LATER*

       You had grown a lot and your daddy thought it was time to take you to a meeting. There was only one problem, the cats hadn't met you and kept hitting on you! Russicat made them stop instantly, especially France-cat and Italy-Cat. You wore an adorable bow with the colors of the Russian flag on it. In the end you grew up to be a very strong cat and lived a happy life...

                             *THE END*


I <nobr>will write</nobr> more details about that meeting when I feel like it... Enjoy!


Also... Um... If you have <nobr>points</nobr> to spare... Would you donate... So... I can get a... premium memebership.... Um... Please and thank you... :iconanimesweatdropplz: You don't have to though... *Blushing and embarrassed*

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