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October 21, 2012
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      Italy was walking to Germany's house as it stormed. It was late at night and he was carrying a container of warm pasta. Italy saw a scary looking man approaching and hid in the alleyway. As Italy reached the back of the alleyway her saw a wet cardboard box shudder. The box was caving in and looked huge. Italy cried out thinking it was a dog and threw his container of pasta at the box. "Don't hurt me, I'm a Virgin!" He cried out, watching as a small figure sniffed at the contain, before retreating into the box.

                              *YOUR P.O.V.*

          You lay inside your cardboard box filthy and wet. Your head throbbed and ached still bleeding. You had been there for 3 days and wanted to die. You had no idea how you got there. Had you always been there? You had no memory of anything because of that head injury. You heard shivered then heard a man scream. You saw a strange container fly next to your box and sniffed it. It smelled good but you were afraid to eat it. The butcher next door had threatened to poison you and called you a freak. It was cold and you began to cough and sneeze. Soon you heard footsteps approaching. You hid farther back in your box, fearing this person. You were hungry, tired, and scared. You feared everyone at this point, as they called you awful things. You pulled the damp newspapers over your head trying to hide.


         Italy approached the box and lifted the folds. What her saw shocked him. It was a little girl around the age of 4 or 5, covered in damp newspaper. She looked scared, sick, and hungry. Italy pulled off the newspaper, that's when he noticed she had cat ears. Italy wasn't freaked out at all, he just smiled like nothing was wrong. "Ve~ What is a cute little girl like you doing out here? Where's your Mama and Papa?" Italy asked the girl.

     "Mama and Papa...?" She repeated looking confused.

      Italy picked up the small child and started walking to Germany's. He knew something was wrong with her. Italy stroke her filthy long (Hair Color) hair, and felt her flinch. Italy looked down to see a huge bump on her head. Dried blood covered it and it looked awful. Italy continued walking home, determined to make the girl feel better. She fell asleep for a moment, cuddling against Italy...

                                *LE TIME SKIP*

        Italy entered a dimly lit house and took off his boots. Italy wrapped his military jacket around the Neko child trying to keep her warm. As he carried the girl to the kitchen he saw Germany, Prussia, and Japan playing cards. They all stopped and stared at the girl shocked. Japan was the 1st to speak, "Itary-Kun, Where did you find that Neko chird?" He asked, looking worried.

         "Ve~ I found her in the Alleyway. She looked hurt." Italy replied.

       "Well, If she's gonna stay, she needs a bath..." Germany sighed, too tired to argue.

       Germany picked up the small Neko from Italy who tensed up. Japan made sure that she didn't freak out and calmed her down. Germany removed the ragged and faded dress she was wearing and put her in a warm bath. She didn't struggle and fight, she seemed to like the water. After the bath Germany dried her off and tended a couple of wounds. Japan gave the tiny, under-fed Neko one of his T-Shirts to wear. After that they sat her down on the sofa and, Japan examined her head injury. "From the rooks of it she must have been hit with something. I don't think this was any accident... Not to mention the fact the she is marnourished..." Japan sighed.

       "Ve~ I made pasta~" Italy sang placing a bowl in front of you. You sniffed at it and just stared. You had days where you were poisoned. You had also gotten awful food poisoning. Italy took a small bite of your pasta showing you it wasn't poisoned. After that you grabbed a fork and devoured your pasta like the end was near. You ate about three bowls of pasta before you were done. Japan took a napkin and wiped off the pasta sauce that covered your face. Soon enough, everyone started heading for bed. Italy placed a warm fluffy blanket over her and laid her on the sofa. After a while he turned out the lights and went upstairs...

                                 *YOUR P.O.V.*

          At first you had been calm but now you were freaking out. The thunder storm had picked up and it was really dark. The wind howled and branches scratched against the glass. Soon the thunder became louder, shadows became scary looking. The you say a thunder bolt, that cause the house to shake. That was it! You sprinted upstairs and into the first room you saw. You hid under the covers of said persons bed. You whimpered and cried grabbing a pillow and placing it over your ears. "What zhe hell is wrong...?" Germany asked, making an attempt to hold the child. Sadly as soon as you saw Germany you tried to crawl under the bed. Before you could get under the bed you were grabbed by the tail.

      "I wourdn't do that if I were you my dear..." Japan said before picking you up and walking to Italy's room. Japan knocked before entering Italy's room. "Itary-Kun, The poor rittle neko is scared. Do you think she could sreep with you tonight...?" Japan asked setting the girl on the bed.

    "Vee~ Of course the bella can!Poor thing..." Italy replied taking the little neko and placing her in his bed. Japan left the room and went back to reading manga. The little neko cuddled Italy before dosing off into a deep sleep.....

                              *TO BE CONTINUED*

Enjoy! Ch.2 (Sneak Peek):…

Also... Um... If you have points to spare... Would you donate... So... I can get a... premium memebership.... Um... Please and thank you... :iconanimesweatdropplz: You don't have to though... *Blushing and embarrassed*

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