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October 8, 2012
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       Ever since America could remember he had always wanted a child. He dreams came true the day (Name) was born. His wife sadly, a few months later got sick and died. Though his wife had died he was still a happy man. He had a daughter. Seeing at how (Name) was born such a happy, healthy baby girl, he thought nothing could go wrong. Sadly sometime after she turned 3, she began having seizures. The seizures never seemed to end, and were very violent. America had been to many doctors and had tried many medications. Nothing seemed to work, and he was getting tired of lack of answers. Soon, America took her to expert and got (Name) a brain scan, what the doctor said nearly broke his heart.

    (Name) had a rare condition called Rasmussen's Syndrome. She was going to have to go through a daring surgery. This surgery had many risks and complications. They were going to removed the left side of her brain. It was only a week before the surgery and he was already worried. (Name) was only a 3-year-old girl. Yes, America wanted what was best for his baby girl, but he could lose her. Worry was all that flooded his mind. He was a hero but couldn't save (Name). All America could do was hope and pray that (Name) would be okay.

       America walked into the meeting room 15 minutes late. Britain was about to nag him when he saw the fresh bruise on (Name)'s forehead. Her (Hair length and Color) hair was hidden by her helmet with a ladybug design on it. Every Nation, even The Axis felt sympathy for poor (Name). She hadn't barely talked for months and the seizures just seemed to keep getting worse and worse. Every Nation had seen you have a seizure at least once. The one thing they didn't know, was that you were going to have surgery. Today America was going to tell them. America waited for his turn to speak patiently. (Name) sat perfectly still in his lap, her little (Eye Color) eyes shut. He watched as he breathed slowly in and out, showing him she was still alive.

      America barely heard Britain call his name. America stood up holding a sleepy looking (Name). America looked into (Name)'s pretty (Eye Color)orbs, they looked back at him as if saying 'You're gonna have to tell them sooner or later...'. America frowned and looked at the floor before speaking. "As you guys all know, I went to a doctor a few weeks ago to figure out why (Name) keeps having seizures..." America started out before looking up and continuing, "He told me that she has a rare condition called Rasmussen's Syndrome. From what he told me, this disease destroys one side of the brain. She's gonna need to have the left side of her brain removed. I made an appointment for her to have surgery next week... The worst part is... She may not make it..." He choked out looking like he was on the verge of tears.

      America sat (Name) down before sitting down with his head in his hands. (Name) stood there confused before walking over and hugging her daddy's arm. (Name) looked at her daddy confused, being only 3 she didn't understand. "Da-ie Ok...?" (Name) asked struggling to speak. Ever since the seizures began she rarely spoke. America looked at his baby girl, and put on a fake smile.

    "Yeah..." He spoke slowly, "Daddy's just fine..." He replied kissing her cheek. The other countries said awww. They all thought she was just too cute...

                           *A Week Later*

      (Name) laid on a hospital bed surrounded by concerned countries. The room was also filled with stuffed animals and flowers. America had just helped some nurses put in her I.V., and was now holding her. She looked scared and upset, as he held her. She may have been only 3 but, she was still smart. She knew something was off but tried to relax. She was hungry and tired, and would soon enough be in surgery. America kept dreading this moment, wishing it would never come. They watched as the doctors and surgeons came in. America kissed her forehead once more and handed her to once of the surgeons. (Name) gave her daddy an confused look and began to cry. America just frowned and whispered to her, "It'll be okay." before she left.

       America heard his little girl's cries from down the hall. 'Da-ie.' was what she kept crying being afraid. (Name) had hardly ever left her father's side since she was born. Yes, other countries had held her and watched her for short periods of time but, that was different. Now, strangers were taking (Name) to surgery, poking her with needles, and hooking her up to machines. She would be in a scary room filled with sharp objects and strangers. He remembered how much he hated the hospital as a kid. To America, this was like a horror movie. Sadly for this one, it wouldn't end quickly and fear was going to stay.

      Hours pasted with doctors informing him every so often about (Name). Everything had been good so far, but America still didn't relax. No matter how much the other nations tried to calm him it didn't work. Luckily for him (Name)'s surgery was a success. For her the worst was over...

                             *A FEW HOURS LATER*

      (Name) woke up a bit freaked out since she couldn't move the right side of her body. America held her left hand feeling her squeeze his. (Hair Color) strands of hair stuck out of the thin bandaging around her head. She looked happy and relieved just like her daddy. All the other nation smiled, seeing that (Name) was okay.

        A month later (Name) was walking and running. She had went through some tough rehabilitation but had made it. Soon enough she stopped having seizures and could do all the things she loved, without having to wear a helmet...

                               *4 Years Later*
                                *YOUR P.O.V.*

      You ran into the conference room telling your daddy to hurry up. "I'm coming (Name)! Relax they're not going anywhere anytime soon!" He hollered back as he walked in.

     Every since the surgery you had begun to talk more. You hadn't had a seizure in 4 years. You may have not had any memory of the surgery but you were glad. You had started school and were doing amazing. You enjoyed learning a whole lot. You had made many friends and grew up to be an excellent nation...

                                 *THE END*

Hey it's me :iconanimearielle:! This is my new account! I had to transfer this! Sry bout that! Enjoy!

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