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September 22, 2012
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       You squirmed around inside the small bag you'd been placed in. You had just been kidnapped and had no idea who did it. You see, you were the 5 year old daughter of Germany. Your dad was always worried about you getting kidnapped. Lately Daddy and the other Axis had been saying something about Allies and 2P's causing problems. You had no idea what that meant and didn't really care... That was up till now! You squirmed and whimpered as they ran and got in a car. You heard a door slam and felt yourself being tossed onto one of the seats. "Go!" One of the men shouted. You felt the car speed forward as you flew back against the seat. You cried out, hitting your head and blacking out.

                               *LE TIME SKIP*

            You woke up the next morning with your head hurting. You looked around to find you were in a prison cell. It was a small cell with a white medical cot. You shivered at how cold the cell was, the thin sheet and blanket of the cot providing very little protection and warmth. You hopped off the cot and walked towards the cell door. Only to be stopped by a chain that was attached to your wrist.  You tugged at the chain and tried to get loose, but failed! Soon you saw Britain! He came towards you with what looked like a plate of burnt scones and eggs. You backed away from him hitting your back against the wall. You cried out for help. Not only was his food burnt but it could be poisoned! You struggled to get away as Britain tried to feed you the burnt food. After about 10 minutes of this France came in and pushed him aside. France took a packaged breakfast pastry out of his pocket and handed it to you. You devoured the sweet pastry like then end was near.

           France gave you a juice box and a blanket before leaving your cell. "See Britain, you need to be nicer to 'er. (Name)'s stomach would be killing her if you had fed her that crap!" France whined staring the Brit.

         "It's not fault! She's just a picky eater, that's all!" Britain snapped back feeling offended. After a bit of bickering and arguing they left. You sat there alone in your dark cell, drinking a juice box. You wrapped yourself in the warm blanket soon dosing off...

                                    *MEAN WHILE*

       The Allies sat around talking about (Name). They had just kidnapped her and had just sent a letter to Germany demanding money. The hard part was going to be taking care of her. She may have been 5, but she was smart. Just as the Allies were about to check on her, the alarm went off. Someone had invaded and was breaking into the Allies head quarters. The Allies ran down the halls unarmed, expecting it to be the Axis. Boy were they wrong! What they saw surprised them more then anything! It was the 2P!Allies! "Hey, Nice to see ya fatass!" Alfred's 2P laughed, before swinging his bat with nails through it at them.

        "Bloody Hell! It's the 2P's!" Britain cursed as his 2P came at him with a large knife.

        "You should really watch your language Artie!" 2P!Britain grinned trying to slice the 1P's throat.

         The Allies began to fight their 2P!Selves getting their asses kicked really badly. While they fought 2P!Canada went off to find (Name). He walked calmly with his large polar bear searching the place. Soon they found a 1P!(Name) wrapped in a blanket. 2P!Canada took his hockey stick and broke the lock on the cell, waking up poor (Name). (Name) gasped in surprise and started trembling. Mr.Kumajiro growled and walked towards (Name) sniffing her. 2P! Matthew just sighed and grabbed (Name), breaking the chain that held her against the wall. Once again (Name) was shoved in a bag, made of dark black cloth. (Name) squirmed and cried, she was not liking this one bit.

                                 *YOUR P.O.V.*

        A strange man who looked like Canada grabbed you out of your cell. He shoved you in a bag and was now taking you to god-knows-where. You kept struggle and whining even though you knew you weren't going to escape. You listen as you heard shouting and yelling. You felt yourself being tossed around in the bag and handed to another person. "We got the girl now let's go, aru!" You heard someone say. You squirmed till you got your head out of the bag, only to be forced back inside. Before being forced back inside you caught a glimpse of the Allies beaten and bloodied. You knew that if your dad was saving you he wouldn't have been so rough. Who the hell had kidnapped you... again. Many questions ran through your mind before you heard another car door opening.

        You were tossed into what appeared to be, You guessed it! A van! A white van! Soon enough the door closed and your captures sped off. You managed to get your head out of the bag once more only this time to be pinned down by a man in bright pink. Next to him a man looking like France blew a puff of cigarette smoke, causing you to cough. Then, a man with red eyes and a pony tail took out a rag and a brown bottle. He poured some of the liquid onto the rag and handed it to the guy wearing pink. The man forced the rag over your month before whispering, "Enjoy your nap, Poppet..." Then you blacked out. Wondering where the heck you were going...


                                  *TO BE CONTINUED*

WARNING DARK, EVIL 2P!ALLIES! Don't like don't read! Kidnapping takes place! Next chapter is gonna be bloody! Enjoy! LOL KIDNAP FAIL!
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cakeElric 5 days ago  New member Student General Artist
ayyyyyyy this smell like chloroform to you?? XD omfg this is beautiful.APH: Onion France 
FlyingPastaKitty 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL Thank you.
LunaAngel-Eclipse Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
guurrll, it's ,like, the totally awesome new trend. Your, like, no one, if you dont totally start, like, kidnapping people.  GURRLL.
FlyingPastaKitty Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh... LOL Read on my friend! :D
I CAN'T FIND IT?!?!?!?
FlyingPastaKitty Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dale1383 Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
FlyingPastaKitty Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
-_- Why do I always get kidnapped?
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