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It was a lovely night in Kitty's garden. She and Chetari were walking around and chatting. After a while, Kitty looked at her phone in panic.

“Shit! Sorry I have To cut this short Chetari! I promised Alfred I would watch  scary movie with him!” She stated.

“Which one?” Chetari asked in curiosity.

“Misery... The one based off a Steven King novel...” She sighed.

“Oh... Have fun!” Chetari hollered as Kitty ran off into the woods.

Chetari was currently staying at Kitty's house for a week since her house was being fumigated for rats and such. She sighed and walked into the house. She went upstairs to the guest bedroom and changed into her red nightgown. She began watching 'Vampire Knight' and started to fall asleep.

Outside the window however, a man was wide awake. His magenta eyes shined in the moonlight. He was pretty much defying gravity. He was gripping the brick and watching as she slept. After a few minutes he opened the window and climbed in.

He ran his fingers through Chetari's silver hair. He kisses her cheek, which caused her to wake up instantly. She squeaked and attempted to jump off the bed and scream. Luciano put his hand over her mouth, and his arm around her waist.

“Shhh, I promise I won't hurt you bella~” He said.

“Why are you here?” She asked blushing.

“For you... Ti amo...” He confessed, before kissing her.

“Who are you...?” She asked as she blushes.

“I'm Luciano-” He was cut off by a knock on the door.

“Chetari~ I got pizza! It's a little garlicky but it's awesome! Also, I found this neat cross necklace!” She hollered.

Luciano quickly kisses Chetari. “I'll see you tomorrow my darling~” and with that he jumped out the window, running off into the night.

“You there Chetari?” Kitty hollered once more.

“Yeah! Come on in!” She said and smiled.

And from that point on Luciano visited her every night. They ended up getting married eventaly and lived happily.

*****The End*****  
Chetarix2p!Vampire!Italy- Oneshot
Idk... I was bored and asked my friend if she wanted a request. If you don't get why Luciano freaked out it's because vampires hate garlic and crosses.
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  • Mood: Content
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    Can't really say whether it's good or bad news... I'm probably gonna sound like an asshole for feeling happy at this news, but please forgive me:

    Well, dumbass stepdad David got in a car crash. The car wasn't totaled and he left with only a concussion. Also, he was driving without insurance and expired plates. So you know what this means? Bye bye drivers liesense! Trust me, they will take his liesense away! They don't give  shit who hit who. If you don't have insurance then it be your fault.

    I know. My mom get hit by semi a few years back. She came out with only a few scratches and bruises. Yet, the driver of said semi hit her! She ran out of gas in the middle of the road. Because she didn't have insurance they tried to sue her for 16,000 dollars. Yet. it was their fault! So he is screwed. Whyam I happy you sk? Simple, because I'm glad to know bad things happen to bad people! Thought I'd never say this but: 'THANK YOU KARMA!!!'

    Yeah, I sound like asshole being happy about this, but trust me, if you were me: You'd be oh so happy. Plus, I'm also happy he's alive and no one died, if it makes you feel better. I'd never death wish anyone. Anyway, this happened 2 days ago.
868 deviations
       It was another normal, cold day in Russia.  You ran past people are through the streets of the city of Moscow. You gripped the loaf of bread you had stolen as you ran. Some police men were after you, they slipped and skidded across the ice. You ran down the side walk disappearing into a huge crowd. The adults either looked at you in disgust or ignored you.

You heard the police shout and saw them point at you. You ran quickly before bumping into a man. The man had green eyes, blonde hair, and weird eyebrows. He looked down at you shocked, you shoved past him and a man with a large pink scarf, before disappearing into an alleyway.

“Dammit...” Panted one of the officers. “I'll kill that brat...” He groaned.

The other officers nodded in agreement, before walking the opposite direction.

“Who was that child?” Arthur asked confused.

“She is a small thief that lives here. She mainly steals food because she is hungry and has no money.” Ivan explained.

“Where are the little dudettes parents?” Alfred asked.

“The mother died and eventually the orphanage she was staying at was shut down and torn down.” Ivan explained.

“Don't they care that she is homeless, aru?” Yao asked confused.

“The people here are not too kind to her. Many want her dead and she fears everyone. She's been doing all this for 2 whole years now. I tried to talk to her and take her to my home... She ran too fast for me to catch her...” Ivan sighed.

“How is the petite fille still alive after being in the harsh cold so long?” Francis asked in amazement.

“I'm not sure. She adapts, I guess...” He continued.

After that they went to Russia's house and had their meeting...

*The Next Day*

Ivan had seen the news. I huge snow storm was coming and all flights had been canceled. He was out getting some food from the market. After making his purchases he started walking home. As he was walking home he heard a gunshot and a scream...


You laid on the cold, unforgiving ground as blood gushed out of your chest. One of those men had finally gotten you. The man grinned and grabbed the (Insert food stolen) from you. He kicked your body as you rolled through the snow. Blood stained your ragged coat and the snow a dark red. You stared at the gray and cloudy sky. You watched as the snow flakes came down quickly. A few of them landing on your face. You soon closed your eyes passing out to greet darkness.


Ivan ran over to the bloodstained child. He set his groceries down and picked you up. He was in a panic, knowing that the hospital was to far away. He grabbed you and shifted the groceries to one arm. He ran towards his house soon arriving, he shoved open the door and set the groceries down.

“Toris! All of you put the food away. I have to do something!” He laid you down and quickly removed your coat.

He clean away of of the blood and felt your neck for a pulse. Your heart was still beating faintly. Yao knelt down and examined the wound.

“I think it just barely missed her heart, aru...” He stated, helping Ivan with your wounds. He quickly removed the bullet and stopped the bleeding. After he finished cleaning your wounds he laid you on his soft bed.

*2 Days Later*

You woke up slowly and groaned. You felt sore which was strange to you. You were so used to being so cold and numb. You were laying on what appeared to be a soft bed, instead of a cold hard ground. Your hair was no longer oily and you weren't cover in dirt. White bandages were neatly wrapped around your upper body. You tried to sit up only to have pain shoot through you.

You let out a silent scream and laid back down. Soon, a door opened to reveal a tall man wearing a tan coat.

“Are you alright sunflower?” He asked.

You nodded shyly and gripped fistfuls of the blanket covering you.

“My name is Ivan. What is yours?” He questioned.

“(N-Name)...” You managed to say.

“You were hurt very badly... I saw the scars and bruises... If you stay with me though... I'll take care of you... What do you say? I would feed you... Keep you warm... and give you warm clothes... You wouldn't have to steal anymore... What do you say?” He asked.

You nodded and hugged him crying.

You then lived happily and never had issues again... Idk....

*****THE END***


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He is technically Iceland's son, and here are some of the things that the rest of The Nordics (minus Iceland/including some of my OCs, some of which I haven't posted a thing about) usually do/say to him that annoy him.
Denmark: "Hey Mini-Icey!"
Berk: *chases Vinland around, trying to get him to call her, 'Cousin,' while chanting, 'Cousin,' over and over again* (It's basically a next-generation version of Norway trying to get Iceland to call him, 'Big Brother')
Stockholm (Sweden's capital/daughter): "...." *is looking down at Vinland (Vinland is still a chibi), since she is very tall because she IS Sweden's capital*
Fennoswede: *is hugging/death-gripping Vinland*
Norland: *is also chasing Vinland around, trying to get him to call her, 'Big Sister'.*
Copenhagen (Denmark's capital/youngest daughter): *is trying to use Vinland to pick up hot guys*
Greenland (Denmark's other daughter): *is also using Vinland to try and pick up hot guys (it's basically like how guys try to use babies to pick up girls)*

Vinland has it rough.... And that's not the worst part! He's technically dead! (It's similar to how The Kingdom of Prussia doesn't exist anymore yet Prussia is still around)
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